The expertise and know-how of METAFAB are recognized in Quebec and Canada. If you have any projects lined up for metal cabinets & metal buildings, please contact the METAFAB team.


METAFAB has qualified and experienced staff. From detailed technical specifications to drawings and production approval on INVENTOR through to the actual manufacturing, METAFAB strictly abides by the predetermined requirements and timelines of its customers. Entrust to METAFAB your projects such as:

  • Cases
  • Steel cases
  • Metal cases
  • Electrical cases
  • Control cases
  • Measurement cases
  • Industrial cases
  • Custom cases
  • Consoles
  • Cabinets
  • Custom cabinets
  • Steel buildings
  • Panels
  • Metal lockers

We are certified

certifications 2018
  • Recognition in local, national and international markets.

    METAFAB is a company that specializes in manufacturing metal cabinets and buildings of all sizes for instrumentation and control, cable trays, electrical cases and consoles, lockout kits, parts and various metal components.

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  • Concerned with your requirements and deadlines.

    METAFAB technicians work with traditional materials such as aluminum sheet, stainless steel and cold rolled steel. The company operates as a direct contractor or as a subcontractor for parts that meet the specific and unique needs of its customers.

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  • We serve private and public companies specializing in various fields.

    Engineering firms, architects and projects designers may rely on the METAFAB’s advice to select the right materials and accessories that best suit their applications.

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